Monday, April 18, 2011

The Abundant Universe, No Lack, Except In The Mind Our Own

Natural resources, technology, motivation
What does it mean? like in the scriptures, both Islamic and Christian religions, there is mentioned when the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son, and replaced one of the sheep by God at the time, stated that "from this day thou and your generation offspring will live abundantly.

" That is True! The universe is so abundant, so wonderful. Sea so many fish, forests, abundant sun, there is no shortage, except in our own minds. A lot of people who feel lack of energy, the oil runs out. Just look around us, now technology with our minds can find a solar power technology, which increasingly cheap, and then also fuel technologies using water (H2 + O), and then what happens is the rest of the discharge is H2O, the disposal is water.

Once an abundance of energy that is around us, and the universe is so abundant, again limiting our own minds only. It is said by my inspiration teacher who was very rich, Robert Kiyosaki, he talk like this, that the wealth in the universe is like an ocean that is so vast, that will not be endless if we take because there will be no rain, river water is still there, still there ground water which had eventually returned to the property.

And it is said by Robert Kiyosaki that you please ensure when we took the water from the ocean or take the treasure before, Please.. at least you brought a bucket, pail that's your mind. Do not take with a tea spoon, because if you take with a tea spoon, your grandchildren will be talking: you of earlier times are not rich, since you brought it use a teaspoon of hell .. 

Well, this is a teaspoon of our minds, if our minds so small as a teaspoon so our wealth just is a teaspoon. So it's up to us to take from the ocean wearing what, use a teaspoon, he will still be there a lot, use a bucket he also remains there are many, as long as we create added value. 

Use Container, use pumps, so many hundreds and even then we suck, it still worth it there as long as we create added value. As the story was beginning, the inspiration of the prophet Abraham, is how he changed the two goats so 10 goats, because he created the value added. 1 handful of wheat into tens of kilograms, kilograms to tens of tons of seed, because he makes a value-added. So long as you create added value so much and take the wealth in this universe, you will continue to prosper.


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