Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Base Map Self Development: ‘Who are you?’

In this time, I would like to share/discuss the knowledge of who we are which is basically the beginning of all things related to personal development or self development.
We as individuals often associate our identity with all that we have: work, family, hobbies, etc.. When someone asks, "Who are you?", Usually you tend to answer, "I'm the manager of company A" or "I’m husband of..".
Did you ever think that an answer like that tend to push you into a narrow box? This is because you are who you are connecting with the position or status. In fact all of it is only temporary that one day will surely perish.

Well, if you want to develop yourself, you should start asking honestly who you really are beyond all things that are temporal.
Your true self is something that never fade and always growing. You are not represented by just a job, status, money, etc. When you realize this you will be free from the shackles of limitation and at the same open space as wide as possible to learn and grow.
Why do many people fail when they have money and well educated? The short answer is that although money and education are important but they are not the factor that determines a success. Instead self-awareness that you are not limited individual and evolving can invite money, education and support from the people around you as the opening the road to success.
Many success stories of people who started only with a determination. They were able to pass through obstacles. Fall and rise again until finally find the path to success.

Of course, success can not be achieved in one night. But with the awareness that you are not limited to individual, is always evolving, and freed from prison identity will foster consistency in developing themselves so that one day you can say, "I am proud of my success."
Freedom your mind from all limitation and enjoy your destiny to success.

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