Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Is Self-development

There are many question about what is self-development method is best? We have had mushroomed such trainings ESQ, Emotional Intelligence, SIAWARE, and others. But, based on my experience.
There are 4 (four ways) that we can do to develop ourselves. Ie: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Try to have a forum in which you hear. For students, make sure you hear everything that is said to teachers / lecturers in face to face meetings. If you no longer go to school / college, follow one or more les-specific lessons, such as language courses, music, or other. For Muslims, Friday sermons could be one forum to hear this. But, once a week was still lacking. In terms of quantity, 3-4 times in a week it feels sufficient.

Measure the quantity of your reading in a certain period. For example: read 20-30 pages a day slide presentation, read a chapter of nonfiction books every day, or reading 5-6 books in a month.
In addition, the reading does not always mean reading books. Notice nature and the actual events of the day can also mean reading. Make understanding the substance of the things that we see directly. Suppose, we correlate the contents of the conversation someone with his/her insight. Its can be the conversation about the culinary, art or technology, all of it reflects the insight he had. Or, we correlate the rise in fuel prices with the possibility of economic colonialism by the major powers.

Make writing a regular basis. Whether it be writing books, articles in newspapers, or (only) blog. For example, 3 articles a month, or 2 books a year, or 10 blog posts a month. The point is, we need to share the contents of our heads in the form of writing. Beside it to improve our oral communication skills, we really was building a civilization. Yes, hoping what we write will be a reference / history in the future. For this one, it means that we have a legacy of something.

Try to have a regular forum, where you speak. For teachers or lecturers, indeed already has, hasn’t it? Or you should have regular forums where you discuss. For example, be a mentor in the mentoring of religion, or get used to present ideas in organizational meetings, or become a motivational trainer!

The four methods of self development above will certainly help you in developing competency, especially when the four focused on specific topics. For example, as a production manager in a pharmaceutical company, you listen to presentations in seminars about the development progress of cancer drugs, then read a magazine PHARMABIZ about marketing prospects for cancer drugs, then you can write an essay / make a presentation about your company likely to produce cancer drugs, then you just present it in a regular meeting at the company where you work. The four examples of these methods will certainly develop your self competence in the field of managerial production.

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