Thursday, April 14, 2011

Personal Development to Success

I want to ask: "What distinguishes a person who failed with those who succeed?". Are they successful because they have a lot of money, more time, supported by the family? My next question how much money and time that you should have for success? What is the family support?

I do not deny the importance of the factors above. But I want to say is all that is NOT the determining factor.

Do motivation people we know like Bill Gates, Anthony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), Harland Sanders (founder of KFC) are those who have a lot of money early in his career? The answer is no. 

What distinguishes them with ordinary people is the “belief”, they belief to succeed. Strong conviction to bring all the factors necessary for a success, including money, time, coaches, etc..

I want to give an illustration. Beliefs such as computer programs that work to finish one job. Just like Microsoft Word, Excel, or Photoshop. Confidence to make what we want to create a reality.

If we want to type an article at computer, we need a program such as Microsoft Word. Now, if we want to achieve certain goals, such as a successful businessman, of course, we need a program that supports that goal. In other words, we need all the belief that supports our goal to be the successful businessman.

If we look forward deeper we can say that set of belief it’s will create a mindset. We need to maintain every belief that we have, knowing negative belief is one step to development and eliminate it.

Anyway its not as easy as look like but it’s very important step to do in boosting our quality of life.
Good Luck and happy wonderful days.. Cheers..

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