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Self-Development Tips - 3 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

There are many things we can do for self development to improve our life quality, this article was took from very inspiring.

Procrastination is brutal no matter what industry you are in or role in life you take. It's a waste of time and almost as bad as being lazy in terms of productivity. There are not too many people that I know of that haven't had procrastination plague them at one time or another. Usually there is a root cause that triggers us to procrastinate maybe it's something we are afraid to do or just plain do not like doing and so on.

Whatever the cause that has got you procrastinating here are 3 tips to help you overcome procrastination:
1. Check out your environment. Is your environment, home, office, work, car setting you up to procrastinate? Is your atmosphere cluttered? Are you able to know exactly where to find the things you need on a daily basis? Are there other distractions, like the TV on, music, etc.?
Look around the areas in your life, if they need to be cleaned up and organized, do so! If you have to turn off the phone, the cell and the TV to get some quiet time to work on your task than do so.
Take the precautions necessary to have a more productive life. Simply put, clean up your act and leave no possible distraction left.

2. Forget the last minute. If you are the type of person that waits till the last minute to get something done, STOP! Not only is it stressful, it is simply not conducive to having a productive and fruitful life. It is highly unlikely that you are doing your body any good or the project or task of that moment any good by putting it off till the last moment.
Plan ahead and breakdown the task into smaller pieces that can be done from assignment to date it should be completed. Give yourself some extra time at the end so if a challenge arises you can take care of it and still meet your timeline without stress.
In the end by planning and not waiting till the last moment we not only have more time to do the things we enjoy in life we also get to live with less stress.

3. Stop that stinking thinking. If you do not enjoy what you do for a living or maybe a particular task often we create a bunch of negative self talk. For instance we think in our heads or maybe even tell others how annoying it is, how much we hate it, how difficult it is, how boring it is and so on. This type of negative talk and emotions make us want to do the task even less and causes us to drag our feet on starting and working the task. This makes the task take longer to do and sucks up our time.

Instead of thinking about what you do not like, switch it up and think about what you do like about the task or better yet how getting the task done quickly and efficiently we enable you to do something you enjoy.
If we believe and think that the task will be easy that we will conquer any challenges with ease and that we can get it done fast and on-time or better yet before it is due and keep the negative talk out we will find ourselves procrastinating less and getting more done in the same amount of time with less stress.

The key to self-talk is to make it believable to you, if you do not believe what you are saying then it becomes ineffective.
Procrastination is like a prison, you feel trapped and it causes serious stress and consequences. When you apply these tips throughout the day you will remove the barriers and get more done and before you know it you will feel much happier and free as well as be more productive. The time is now for you to allow yourself to remove the prison walls of procrastination and start truly living.

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